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Spider-Man and The Sinister Six(teen) - Signed Print

by Yale Stewart


With great power comes a great...poster? A great gift for any Spider-Man fan, this massive print features a whopping EIGHTEEN CHARACTERS, and measures an amazing 12.5"x24"! If that's not ENOUGH Spidey for your wall, I'm also offering a spectacular 19"x36" option as well!

Featured characters include:
-Doctor Octopus
-Green Goblin
-The Lizard
-Kraven, The Hunter
-The Vulture
and J. Jonah Jameson!

Due to the size of this print, I don't expect to offer very many, so be sure to get your webs on one while you can!

Please keep this in mind when ordering: this listing is for pre-orders of these prints, which really helps me out to make sure I don't over- or under-order on product. This listing will be live until July 10th, upon which time I'll begin production of the prints. Production typically takes a week or two, so I expect to have the prints finally shipped out by the end of July.

All prints will be printed on a fantastic matte synthetic paper and will come signed by me. All prints will ship in sturdy cardboard tubing to prevent any damage in transit.

Please allow until July 31st for delivery.